My name is Carmel Madigan and I am the author of 'Seasons, Species and Patterns of a North East Atlantic Rocky Shore' and other books.  I have created this blogging website to develop greater connections and understanding of our rich marine heritage, economy, diversity and infrastructure. I am an avid researcher of all things marine especially around my own county Clare, on the Mid-West Irish Atlantic coastline. I also design and deliver marine based modules on behalf of the Marine Institute to schools in county Clare and finally for now, I grew up a stones throw from the wild Atlantic ocean at Loophead county Clare.

As aforementioned, I am using this blog to  help spread greater connectivity with our marvelous ocean, that surrounds us, here in the island of Ireland, and to bring marine news, and opportunities as well as my day to day encounters and research to a greater public.

I will be occasionally joined by both Robert and Fergal, my sons who get involved with my summer school and my marine work from time to time.

I hope you find our contributions interesting.

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